Although it has been years since my boys attended Wiseways, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I always look back on their time at Wiseways with fondness, and love.  Our oldest son was born premature and even at 4 years old I was nervous to leave him with anyone (I was a stay at home mom).   When it came time to choose a childcare centre for him, and eventually his brother, I was a nervous wreck.  After speaking to a neighbour who had sent her oldest to Wiseways, and was now sending her youngest, I was convinced to put in an application. 
I cried my eyes out at the interview - true story - but the staff were so patient with me.  They calmed me down and when it came time for our son to start, he walked in, said goodbye, and had the best time ever.  I learned very quickly that I had nothing to fear.  The funny thing is, I was a trained Early Childhood Educator and knew from working in the field what to expect from these educators.  They did not disappoint me.  Our oldest flourished, as did our youngest two years later.
Wiseways provides an excellent start for any child.  They learn patience, teamwork and love as well as vital skills to carry them to Kindergarten and beyond.  I believed in Wiseways so much that when it came time for me to return to work five years ago, I only applied at one place.  I am now a Lead Educator at Wiseways and love going to work everyday. 
- Ann Daws (January 2021)

To the passionate team at Wiseways, 

Thank you for your patience and creativity with our son, and all of the kids in the program.  We feel so comfortable leaving our son in your capable hands every day.  He loves every minute of his time with you and the other children.  Your team is energetic, and welcoming with big smiles on their faces every morning.  We appreciate how organized you are, as well as the great communication between care-providers and parents.  We love to receive photos and updates throughout the day and the monthly calendar with events to look forward to.  The facility and amenities are amazing.  Our son loves the big gym (especially the bouncy balls), the outdoor tricycle area, the private and secure playground, and of course the main classroom which is clean, bright, and full of little areas for the kids to try different activities.  The kids get outside every day, rain or shine, which is so important. They also get a lot of stimulation in the classroom with art, stories, toys, etc.   We are so grateful to have found such professional care for our son, and also a place that is so fun!  He loves his teachers and friends at Wiseways, and so do we.  

-Allison and Tobin (January 2021)


To the incredible staff of Wiseways

As we come to the end of July, we realize with some sadness that a wonderful period in Avery and Kesler's lives is coming to a close. Although now poignant, the past two years have been a time of countless joyous memories and wonderment for Mae and I as we had the privilege of being a small part of the Wiseways family. We, too, came to love each of the Wiseways' children and looked forward to our daily visits. Although they are moving on to kindergarten in September, Avery and Kesler will retain the Wiseways' core values instilled by the staff during the last two years. These values will serve them well and will enrich their relationships throughout their lives. Thank you for your unwavering guidance and for protecting all of the children under your care but most of all for loving each of them. You instill the most important life values at a critical time in their lives. You have created a beautiful environment where each child feels special and loved.We watched Avery and Kesler acquire self-confidence and the ability to enjoy the company of other children. We saw their intellectual and physical development progress while having fun and learning tolerance at the same time.We extend to each member of staff our profound gratitude and respect for what you do. It is often a difficult profession but we know it provides you with the satisfaction of knowing you have a truly amazing impact on these incredible children.

Thank you again for welcoming us and allowing us to share in this joyful period. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and we wish each of you continuing happiness and success.

Alex and Mae (July 2016)    


I would like to keep Daniel at your center if you guys still have a space for him. I tried finding something closer to home because next year I'll need to work more and take a little break from school, so the location of your daycare is really not convenient. However, I've seen some horrible places where I wouldn't leave my child if they paid me to do so, so I decided to put up with the distance and traffic, because Daniel is really happy at your center, and you really do have an amazing, positive environment there. Also, staff that takes care of the children, they are all so warm and caring, and I'm realizing that I will have a very hard time finding anything similar.

Maya Schenk (April 2014)


Wiseways is compassion and children are nurtured with love and respect. The staff are cheerful, honest, organized and helpful in answering questions. The team has created a safe, healthy environment for learning and fun. Our daughter enjoys the creative crafts, theme days, activity centres, field trips, stories and songs with her friends. We appreciate the physical exercise offered every class outside at the playground or in the large gym. She is receiving a great foundation for Kindergarten. Our daughter has also developed a stronger spiritual awareness. The discussion of faith has brought us closer together as a family and strengthened our values. We have met amazing families and feel more connected to the community. We've experienced moments at Wiseways that we will cherish forever.

- Michelle and Greg Strong (February 2014)


Wiseways played such a special role in the early education of our boys. The teachers and staff work exceptionally hard at creating a nurturing, safe, and fun environment. They really get to know each individual child and their family and always have the time to chat about any concerns or questions. Both our boys are recent "Wiseways Graduates"and they have such fond memories of preschool. They love popping in whenever they can to say hi and are always greeted with excitement and hugs. The teachers do an amazing job at preparing the children for Kindergarten. The children transition to elementary school with confidence, excitement, and social readiness. As both parents and teachers, we see Wiseways as an absolute blessing in our boys' education and early years. We feel so lucky to be part of the Wiseways Family.

Tara and Dean Anderson (April 2013)


Our two sons – Isaac (now 8 years old) and Aidan (currently in Daycare) have been with Wiseways for the past 6 years. That should tell you something about our feelings towards Wiseways. We have never felt the need to change preschool / daycare. We have always been impressed with the way the educators teach, their care about each child and their focus on providing a safe and healthy environment. They teach sign language to the children to help them express their feelings. We really like the method they use – through daily life examples they include God’s message teaching our kids to live in a happy world as well as being responsible people in society. Here, we would like to express special thanks to Ms Barbara who taught Isaac and Aidan in the past. Especially Isaac, now in Grade 3, still remembers his happy days in Wiseways Preschool. In addition, we also want to thank Ms Linda who helped Aidan get through his separation anxiety when he first started Preschool in September 2011. Many thanks to all of the Daycare teachers – Ms Karen, Ms Lisa, Ms Michelle, Ms Becky and Ms Barbara, and last but not least, all Wiseways staff – especially Noreen who we talk to on the phone all the time when we have questions. Thank you!

Margaret and David Pang (April 2013)


I currently have my third child enrolled in Wiseways and can honestly say it feels like I am leaving my child with family. The staff treat the children with the utmost respect, kindness, and warmth. I have always had peace of mind entrusting my children to their care.

Giacinta Bewley(April 2013)


Wiseways has been an amazing experience for our daughter.  35 years ago, I went to Wiseways, and I feel proud to have Wiseways as part of our family history.  The program has given all good things for our daughter's first years: kindness, warmth and exceptional teachers!

Simrita Sidhu (April 2013)


Wiseways has been the start for all 3 of my children. The staff are some of the most loving and caring people that any parent would want for the beginning of their child’s journey in school. They have a way that helped my children feel safe and loved. My third child had difficulty with me leaving her for the first time and their empathy towards her was amazing and thoughtful she then transitioned so well. I truly believe that Wiseways helped my children have a better start in learning and life because of the wonderful people there. Thank you Wiseways for everything.

Linda Bevan (March 2013)


When choosing a daycare for our daughter there was no doubt that Wiseways would be a great fit. I myself went to Wiseways for preschool and have fond memories--especially the annual bike parade! It was very special for both myself and my daughter to share that same childhood experience. The staff are caring and committed individuals who are gifted in working with children. Rob and I had peace of mind knowing that our daughter was going to a nurturing environment every day. God Bless you all.

Diana and Robert Johns (March 2013)


Samantha loves going to daycare.  She has a lot fun there every day. The teachers and staff members are very caring, patient and experienced, and they make her feel very comfortable.  The facility is great. There are good variety of indoor and outdoor playing areas.  We are extremely pleased with Wiseways preschool & daycare.

Brenda Twordik (March 2013)


We heard so many nice things about Wiseways pre-school and just knew it would be a perfect place for our daughter. The teachers have been so welcoming, creative and fun...she has loved every minute and can't wait to be there each day! Thank you for making her introduction to school such a positive and happy one!

Desiree McCormick (March 2013)